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Shoulder replacement surgery

Shoulder replacement surgeryShoulder replacement surgery

            Replacing whole or part of your shoulder joint may be required in situations where more limited keyhole or open surgery is not effective. This might be the case in advanced arthritis, complex fractures where fixing the bone pieces back in place is not feasible or where the muscles and tendons around the shoulder are too damaged to be stitched back into place. There are three broad types of shoulder replacement – Shoulder Hemi Arthroplasty (where only the ball of the shoulder joint is replaced, either with a prosthesis with a long stem into the arm bone or one with out the stem), Total Shoulder Arthroplasty (where the ball as well as the socket is replaced with a metal and plastic one) and Reverse Polarity Shoulder Replacement (the ball and socket of the shoulder joint is replaced with a metal and plastic device, with the artificial metal ball attached to the shoulder blade and the socket attached to the arm bone). If a replacement surgery were required, Mr George Malal would explain the pros and cons of each and would help you make the right choice.